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Basketball is more than a game, it is a belief. It is our teacher. Our motivator. It does not discriminate. It shows us how to deal with loss. And how to handle success. It helps us through tough times. And is part of some of our fondest memories. The game lets us dream. The game gives us hope. But most importantly, the game brings us together.

The Game Loves You.

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Step 1: Plan Your Event

From clinics to open runs, organizations are hosting events all over the world. Decide what makes sense for your community.

Step 2: Detail Your Event

GHD is a 1-day celebration. Determine what time your event will be on June 23rd and where you plan on hosting it.

Step 3: Publish Your Event

Create an event page on Facebook, Splash, or your preferred hosting platform where players can sign up for your event.


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